Snowfall Past

Snowfall past

By day, by hour, fewer the fruit
taken to larder by the fallen log
safe from hunger's frost and fog;

while pewter is the certain sky
that's all there be above the field
from taller tree to star concealed.
On it comes, dragging the sag
of girth, now sodden to leak
odd hints of pretty and pique;

spartan flakes that fall from grey
soon to blizzard the land away,
with an icy swathe of delicate;

damping all to trudge and toil
of heavy tread against the blow
and drifts of whitening slow;

fading the twilight carry to dark
with the fluorescent milky glow
of night's wane by moon and snow.
And children will play 'til frozen
on days by kind memory chosen
for the quiet of their slipper years.